Friday, September 24, 2010

Fourth September

Architectural Salvage Art

inspired color palette

Display your interests


There's a PAISLEY comeback in progress

Take your design outside

Create Vignettes

Invest in Dreams

(There's a geometric comeback too)

Frame GrandMother's Crochet

A Timely Read

Change the Rug ... Change the Room

The EcoBench

Must Match Architecture!

Classic Simplicity

Telephone Booth Garden Shed ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

3rd September

elegant salt and pepper tabletop decor

just add pedestal

outdoor napping !

Life size lawn art !


colorful organization

classic black and white design

More black and white with lime

For Big Fish Storytellers

Siblings Sculpture

Humor in Topiary Minor

An elegant turn of leg

vintage decor

Sterling Fruits

A favorite resource

antique millner forms

Rustic Bliss

Rustic Portrait

Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd September

Wouldn't  I adore having this vintage lawn roller?
September Garden Party

Quite the defender walking stick.

Timeless French Chic
Natural Fibers Comfort

Vintage Garden Gate
I'm thinking of transforming
this find into a coffee table
in a Sunroom.

Love the tree trunk textures of this
fine bedding by Ann Gish

These emperors wear blue and white.

The CLOONEY sofa in leather

turquoise blown glass still life

                        Or turquoise ball jar collections. Either are beautiful in streaming sunlight.

                                                  Bent willow dressmakers form

Reinhart impressionism

                                            Oh soooooo welcoming crisp green and white with mahogany.

Does Sangria count as  nectar ?

 I LOVE this clever directional  ceiling fan in copper!

Architectural excellence.

Charming natural elements